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weavix for Airport

Giving the Frontline a First-Class Experience

weavix® connects workers from apron to the tarmac to ensure smooth airport operations.


Communication for Airport Personnel

The weavix® platform makes your staff instantly accessible to their teams and departments when they need them. With language translation capabilities, picture and video messaging and more through the walt® smart radio, ensure your workforce is fully connected and enabled to keep your airport running smoothly.

Effective Response & Preparedness

From leading site-wide evacuations to auditing your current emergency preparedness plans, our platform keeps your workers safe when they need it most. Instantly report medical emergencies with our dedicated SOS button, inform workers of impending or immediate dangers and review your safety response all in one platform.


Implement Processes that Work

weavix® grants airport leadership an inside view of all that’s happening on-site to improve worker efficiency at scale. With complete visibility into your operations, you can guarantee efficient arrivals and departures for passengers and freight deliveries without delay. No matter what your airport strives to do, weavix® is there to help.

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Microsoft Teams®

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Global Active

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Worker Alerts

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Muster Location

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Safety Concern

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Time Delay

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Visibility & Oversight

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A World-Class Partner for Airport Efficiency

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Communicate with All Workers

Moving luggage, freight packages and cargo requires meticulous planning and execution from the frontline workforce. It wouldn’t be possible without seamless communication with all parties across the airport. As a result, weavix® connects all airport employees as they manage the logistics involved with air travel and delivery, ensuring all packages arrive at their destination on time.

Popular Features:

Microsoft Teams® Integration

Multimedia Messaging

Unlimited Channels

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Respond to Inclement Weather

Severe weather poses a substantial risk for airport workers and the cargo they’re transporting. Even during the most extreme emergencies, weavix® keeps workers connected and prepared to respond. Targeted alerts give workers more time to secure deliveries and reach their designated safety areas. With workers and supervisors working together, weavix® helps airports minimize risks for their entire staff.

Popular Features:

Targeted Worker Alerts

Muster Location Monitoring

Safety Protocol Assessment

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Improve Logistics Planning & Execution

weavix® empowers airport personnel with an inside perspective of how their business operates on the frontline. With every worker using their walt® smart radio, workers have instant access to their teammates and grant added visibility their leadership teams can use to identify issues and improve processes. Working with the frontline workforce, airport personnel can overcome operational issues affecting their bottom line.

Popular Features:

Site-Wide Visibility & Oversight

Performance Dashboards

Time Delay Reporting

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Gain Performance Insights

From improved baggage processing to faster aircraft turnaround, airports use business intelligence solutions to create a seamless, stress-free experience for travelers, crew and workers. weavix® allows airport personnel to gather data-centric insights from their frontline workforce that they can analyze and use to optimize performance and operational excellence at scale.

Popular Features:

Efficiency Dashboards

Interactive Maps

Predictive Analysis

Maximize Outputs

Reach your business goals faster by utilizing your entire workforce. weavix™ delivers the most advanced communication capabilities to every worker on and off site through the walt™ smart radio, making everyone easily accessible. With a fully connected and empowered workforce, manufacturers can produce at maximum efficiency by tapping into their frontline’s full potential.

Popular Features:

Ensure Safety Compliance

weavix™ is built to support and reinforce the most rigorous safety standards for the manufacturing industry. Most on-the-job accidents are preventable; weavix™ gives you the digital oversight to effectively minimize on-site incidents and respond to emergencies. Respond to concerns, reduce risks and make worker safety the driving force for your enterprise.

Popular Features:

Consistent Quality

From simple assembly to the most complex systems, manufacturers streamline, standardize and improve quality across all levels of production with weavix™. By providing in-depth analytics of every point in the manufacturing process, enterprises can quickly overcome roadblocks affecting their frontline performance and ramp up production to align with business goals.

Popular Features:

Drive Continuous Improvement

Effective mass production relies on acquiring and using highly accurate data to respond to and prepare for new market demands. Using weavix™, enterprise leadership has access to the raw data points acquired from their manufacturing floor, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.

Popular Features:

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The Internet of Workers™

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The Internet of Workers

Making scalable success possible

Improve profitability, stay competitive, and achieve long-term success.

  • Talk on the Tarmac weavix™ closes the communication gaps between office staff and frontline teams, allowing for seamless operations in your airport.
  • Receive Weather Updates Alert workers of impending weather so workers can manage their cargo effectively and flight crews can keep passengers safe.
  • Manage Airport Congestion From long wait times to changes from airlines, weavix™ helps your workers stay on top of and speed up operations.
  • Remove Language Barriers Make your frontline workforce more agile, effective and responsive using direct language translation and dictation.
  • Direct Staff & Resources Optimally weavix™ gives you the opportunity to take a closer look at how your workers and resources are allocated for maximum impact.
  • Be Proactive in Airport Maintenance Airport staff can now notify supervisors and maintenance teams of safety concerns for rapid response and safe travels for everyone.


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