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The Smart Way to Put Your Frontline Ahead

Business intelligence solutions give you the clarity to strategize, calculate and measure the impact your greatest resource has on your enterprise. weavix™ connects every worker with a walt™ smart radio, delivering communication capabilities to the frontline and providing leadership with insights that enable effective decision-making that’s backed by data.

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weavix™ is a single platform used to acquire, model and share data insights from the frontline to help enterprises reach their desired business outcomes.

The Business Data You’ve Never Had

Get from where you are now to where you want to go as a business by harnessing the full potential of your frontline workforce. After connecting your workers, weavix™ picks up the data points flooding your frontline to become your organization’s single source of truth.

Used in Ways You’ve Never Seen

weavix™ quantifies and visualizes the activity happening out in the field, turning your insights into desirable outcomes. Create reports, analyze trends, pinpoint problems and transform your data into action, all in a single platform. 

To Yield Outcomes You’ve Never Thought Possible

Enterprise leaders have harnessed the power of their frontline workforce in the way of increased productivity and revenue and decreased accidents and downtime. In the process, they’ve transformed their previously disengaged workforce into an accomplished one.  


  • Custom Reports Measure your outputs against the metrics that matter most to your organization.
  • Efficiency Dashboards Enable Better decision-making with easily understood data at your fingertips
  • Interactive Maps Understand how emergency situations impact your workers and workplace.
  • Frontline Data Layers Enable better decision-making with easily understood data at your fingertips.
  • System Integrations Connect the systems and the people keeping your enterprise running.
  • Predictive Analysis Assess the political effects before finalizing your critical business decisions.
The Right Data to Make the Right Decisions

How weavix™ Does Business Intelligence

For weavix™ to gather the rich data businesses use to put themselves ahead, we first need to connect every worker. With the walt™ smart radio, we enable everyone: frontline workers with communications and leadership with raw business data.
After every worker has a walt™ smart radio in hand, your enterprise starts to see results. Build reports, analyze metrics and start making data-driven decisions to keep your enterprise ahead of the rest.
Use the raw data gathered from connecting your frontline workforce to bring actionable insights and results to your enterprise. weavix™ synthesizes the data from your frontline in our secure platform to keep your entire workforce engaged, safe and efficient.


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