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Bring the Frontline Back into the Conversation

The greatest tool you can give your greatest resource. weavix leads with multimedia communication to build a fully connected, engaged and accomplished frontline workforce. With a voice and the right technology in hand, your frontline can play an active role in the overall success of your organization.

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of frontline communications never make it to their intended audience
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more productive and innovative when workers collaborate on projects and tasks
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the annual cost of communication barriers and inefficiences
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Frontline teams can now come together to expand capabilities, unveil new opportunities and make purpose-driven change across the organization, all in a single platform.

A Catalyst for Communication:
walt Smart Radio

Advanced language translation, PT3™ communications,  Microsoft® Teams integration and more, all in the palm of your hands. The walt smart radio gives every worker instant access to our platform and the capabilities they need to work safer, streamline operations and close the last mile from field to office. walt is tough enough to thrive on the frontline and compact enough to be your workforce’s best tool. 


The New Standard for Frontline Communication

Workers aren’t limited to voice-only communications anymore. With weavix, every worker has access to voice, picture and video communication at the push of a button. 

Language Barriers? Not Anymore.

Giving every employee a voice doesn’t matter if they don’t all speak the same language. But with weavix, they can. Advanced translation technology lets workers truly connect. No interpreter, no telephone game, no online translator. Just on-the-spot connection.

Communicate Your Way With Unlimited Channel Creation

Every workforce is different, so every communication strategy should be too. With weavix, you can create unlimited channels to customize your communication to match your situation and needs. And as your team shifts and grows, weavix will change right along with you.

Unify your Field and Office Teams for the Cause

weavix bridges the gap from the field to office, providing a single platform for every worker to collaborate wherever they are. Integrating with Microsoft® Teams gives those in the office a direct link to updates about what’s happening on the floor and those on the frontline can communicate directly to an office desktop from their walt smart radio. 

Instantly Connect with Subject Matter Experts

Your experts can’t be everywhere all the time. Now, they don’t have to be. With weavix, you and your workers can reach your subject matter experts when and where you need them. The active global directory shows you who’s online and available so you can communicate on-site or over video to address specialized tasks as they come up.

Industry-Leading Communication Features

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Language Translation

Instant connectivity breaks the language barrier to build an inclusive workspace.

Native language translation solidifies your commitment to connecting every worker.

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Multimedia Messaging

Meaningfully connect with your workers that work best for everyone.

Easily send texts, voice memos, pictures and videos to workers at the push of a button.

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Global Active Directory

Invite any contractor or employee to join in the conversation, lend a hand or provide input.

Connect with workers across departments to keep projects moving and work getting done.

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Workers can create as many channels as they need to help adapt to the changing workforce.

Customize your channels with 1-to-1, dedicated groups and proximity-based technology.

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Request and receive updates on tasks in the form of a text message, attached report, picture and more.

Easily reach the person, teams or departments you need from a single platform.

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Don’t let technology limit your team’s synergy – use as many channels as necessary.

Combine unlimited communication channels with limitless communication capabilities to transform your workplace.

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Communicate clearly, even in loud work environments, to keep workers connected and work going.

Never miss another communication with instant dictation in your native language.

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1:1 and Group

Eliminate radio fatigue and ensure your messages reach their intended target every time.

Reconnect as a team to hit major milestones or meet with supervisors one-on-one in the same platform.

When Systems go Down, weavix Kept Workers Up

Wherever Work Happens, See How Cornerstone Chemicals Stays Connected

weavix supported Cornerstone Chemical’s digital transformation endeavors and elevated their communication capabilities, no matter what their workers faced on the frontline. But don’t take our word for it — click here to see it for yourself.


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