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Changing the Conversation
About Frontline Safety

A lot can happen on the frontline. No matter how well enterprises plan for emergencies and implement solutions to keep workers safe, the best solution centers itself around workers. Using weavix® encourages adopting optimal safety procedures and creates a workplace culture that positions safety as the best way to work. By combining communication and safety solutions in one platform, weavix® allows organizations to fully enable the most important aspect of work.

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of workers believe their enterprise thinks their safety is important
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Aligning safety and culture builds trust between workers and enterprises, drives corrective action and helps get every worker home. It’s not only a priority; it’s the best way to work.

Digitally Enhancing Current Safety Practices​

Keep Workers Informed at a Moment’s Notice

What’s the point in connecting every worker if you can’t keep them informed when they need it most? When disaster strikes, weavix® makes it easy to send safety notices and alerts to all affected workers in the area through the walt® smart radio. From severe weather and fires to active threats or routine maintenance, ensure every worker is connected and protected.

Record Close Calls & Work to Avoid Them

Maintaining accurate safety logs and incident reports is vital to making safety the focal point of your culture. weavix® takes it a step further; we give workers a voice and provide them with a platform to notify safety teams of all possible safety concerns in the workplace. Safety is more than grand gestures, and weavix® ensures the small steps add up.

Play an Active Role in Worker Safety

Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. weavix® emboldens safety professionals to take a direct approach during a disaster in the workplace. Using a combination of mass and targeted alerts, muster location services and more, top safety personnel can quickly get workers out of harm’s way and effectively respond to dangers as they appear.

Worker Safety at the Forefront of Design

Workers are put in a variety of situations throughout their shift, but what happens when ordinary becomes life-threatening? Every walt® has a dedicated man-down button that notifies the appropiate personnel, on and off site. Customizable to the enterprise, this button sends not only the alert, but an exact GPS location of the walt® to enable expedited emergency response.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

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Mass Emergency


Instantly alert every worker on the premises of impending emergencies or routine maintenance and delays.

Turn every walt™ smart radio into an audible and visual alarm system to ensure fast and effective worker response.

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Targeted Worker


Send safety notifications and information directly to the people who will be most impacted without delay.

Base messages on worker location, craft, company and more to ensure all messages are relevant.

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Dedicated SOS


Alert safety teams and emergency services whenever and wherever a worker goes down with one button.

Instantly receive worker’s demographics, medical history, location and more for optimal response and evacuation.

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Muster Location

Keep accurate records of which workers made it to safety, at what time and how they got there during an emergency.

Identify and send your workforce the safest and most direct routes to muster through visual, audio and text directions.

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Safety Observations

Report all physical and structural concerns that have the potential to affect the safety of yourself and others.

Gain a frontline perspective on the state of your enterprise, workspace, equipment and additional resources.

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Incident Investigation

Collect all necessary and relevant information to review all on-site accidents and near-misses thoroughly and fairly.

Verify the details submitted in incident reports to determine who’s at fault and ensure safety procedures are followed.

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Safety Assessments

Assess how your workforce responded during an emergency and establish new safety training opportunities.

Review and develop solutions within current safety procedures that overcome inefficiencies faced on the frontline.

The Real Impact of Safety

How weavix Saved One EPC from an OSHA Recordable

What started as a normal workday ended with an incident report and a worker’s compensation application being filed. According to reports, one worker had a small incident on shift that resulted in a broken arm. Could anyone else verify the report? Did processes need to be improved to keep this from happening again? Was his report accurate?

In response, safety personnel were able to launch a fair and accurate recount of what happened using weavix’s incident investigation services.


Wherever work takes them, ensure they’re fully connected and empowered. weavix® delivers the communication capabilities the frontline has been lacking.


Understand the ins and outs of how work gets done. Get a complete view of all the activities happening in your enterprise and boost productivity with weavix®.


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