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The Value of your Frontline Made Visible

Use weavix® to reduce downtime, produce consistent quality, digitize processes and create operationally sound procedures that elevate your enterprise. From common to complex, the Internet of Workers® platform uses the walt® smart radio to combine frontline visibility and worker connectivity to help drive efficiency enterprise-wide.

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increase in productivity when workers are given better communication technology

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of CEOs globally rely on operational efficiency to boost revenue

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– the global cost of low productivity for frontline workers

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The work your frontline does is important. Remove the obstacles and stresses keeping them from performing their best with weavix. 

Digitally Transforming Operational Processes

Understand the Ins & Outs

Gain a fresh perspective on how work on the frontline actually gets done. weavix® delivers unforeseen visibility into the on-site processes and procedures occurring on your frontline. Armed with more clarity and accuracy than ever before, you gain an insightful understanding of the true value that exists with your frontline workforce. 

Provide Support When Workers Need It

Hold-ups happen. With weavix®, management teams and supervisors on site are empowered to lend a helping hand so workers can do what they do best. Whether it’s overcoming delays or pushing more resources to meet deadlines, the frontline workforce now has direct and impactful support from their enterprise leadership. 

From Standardization to Optimization

Your operations house more opportunities than meets the eye. weavix® brings a unique perspective into your on-site activities, enabling your people and processes to work for you. Identify inefficiencies, resolve complex procedural problems and develop plans you can use to accomplish your business goals faster with one platform. 

Industry-Leading Operational Features

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Time Delay

Notify leadership or other workers of operational delays and active hold-ups happening on the frontline.

Maintain a record of bottlenecks based on time, location and people affected to steer productive change.

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Ensure your workforce is fully connected and accessible with a walt™ smart radio for every worker.

Take the stress of managing devices, repairs and more off your workforce with our complimentary managed service, weCare™.

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Respond to workplace emergencies in real-time so workers stay safe with a minimal impact on productivity.

Effectively plan, realign resources and communicate involved parties with deliverables as project and enterprise priorities change.

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Time Utilization

Validate assigned tasks and responsibilities are completed fully and in the accounted amount of time.

Maintain accurate time logs to reduce waste, verify contractor hours and confirm time on site is used productively.

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Define and measure the KPIs most crucial to your organization, your workers and your performance goals.

Discover trends regarding what’s working and not working in your workplace and where improvements are needed.

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Quickly identify bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies as they’re happening in the workplace.

Develop, execute and communicate solutions to any operational obstacles affecting your workforce’s performance.

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Keep a live directory and archive of all workers, visitors and contractors currently active and available on-site.

Aggregate, filter and manage all personnel, company or visitor, on-site based on title, craft, company and more.

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Instant User

Streamline registrations for all users by utilizing tap-and-go authentication via the walt smart radio.

Allow workers to Instantly update their individualized profile to ensure they keep them up-to-date.

Realigning Operations & Business Goals with weavix

Chemical Company Saves over 700 Man Hours per Day with weavix

The frontline is full of activity. And all that activity adds up. When left to their own devices, enterprises can accumulate a lot of wasted effort, resources and time. One chemical manufacturing facility decided to revisit its check-in and registrations for frontline workers, hoping to expedite the process and enable their workers to spend more time on more meaningful work. 

In doing so, weavix® helped streamline their registrations and save over 700 recorded man-hours per day. 


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