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Supporting the Future of Workplace Safety

Safety worker
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Supporting the Future of Workplace Safety

Safety worker
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Making Sure Every Worker Makes It Home

Keeping workers safe is one of the most fundamental priorities for enterprise. When workers feel safe and protected, they can devote their full energy to their work. No matter your work environment, being safe pays out in dividends. 


Reinventing Safety Measures

To improve traditional methods and current safety investments, Protect™ by weavix™ supports the future of worker safety. With the right tools and solutions, safety crews can improve their procedures and push safety initiatives faster and more effectively, using real, accurate data.

Alerts dashboards on web, mobile and walt

Keep Workforce Informed

Effectively communicate important messages and safety notifications in an instant with mass and targeted alerts.

Drive Corrective Action

Create, assign and track corrective tasks associated to incidents or near misses. 

Investigate Incidents

View accurate incident reports, including root cause, timing and worker logistics.

Confirm Muster Arrival

Allow safety personnel to confirm who arrived at which muster location and at what time. 

Validate Safety Procedures

Routinely audit safety processes to give you the confidence that they are effective. 

Manage Confined Spaces

Use digital logs to keep accurate records of workers coming into and leaving confined spaces. 


Always Room for Improvement When Safety’s Involved

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50% of serious workplace injuries are thought to go unreported

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99% of on-the-job accidents are preventable
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80% + workplace injuries are caused by unsafe behavior

Hidden Tragedy: Underreporting of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Top Three Myths about Workplace Injuries. EHS Today. Workplace Safety: It’s All In The Attitude. Stratus.HR.


Know the safety of your workers is in good hands with Protect.


Safety Solutions Designed to Get Everyone Home

Mass Alerts

Send relevant, targeted alerts to your workforce to give them the information they need in an instant. weavix™ utilizes a three-tiered approach so your mass alerts are useful in nearly any situation. Ensure every worker is informed so they can maintain productivity and stay safe during an emergency.

livelook dashboard


Understand how your safety procedures are executed in real-time. With full frontline visibility, visualize the activities and locations of your workers to increase safety.

backtrack dashboard


Accurately perform incident management in your facility. Use individualized location and activity records to verify incident reports and evaluate safety processes.

Digital Logs

Keep an accurate record of workers entering and exiting certain locations, like a confined space. Individualized logs identify where people are for help and faster response.

Smart Radio

Use collaboration technology to optimize your frontline and workflows. Gain full access to our Smart Radio collaboration suite to safeguard your workforce.

Worker Safety at the Forefront of Design

Workers are put in a variety of situations throughout their shift, but what happens when ordinary becomes life-threatening? Every walt™ has a dedicated man-down button that notifies the appropiate personnel, on and off site. Customizable to the enterprise, this button sends not only the alert, but an exact GPS location of the walt™ to enable expedited emergency response.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to keep all mass alerts relevant to their receiver, so supervisors can target their alerts based on many factors including their current location within the facility, craft or company. There is also the option to send them to everyone if needed.
Our digital logs are automated based on device location. Once a user enters a certain geofenced area of the facility, it will be recorded into the platform and available for review.

Yes! Our Smart Radio collaboration suite is included with both Protect and our efficiency product, Workforce Diagnostics™. For the full IoW experience, all three products are useful for connecting, protecting and optimizing your enterprise

There’s no time restraint on the historic data within BackTrack™, our incident management feature. All the information on our platform is secure and accessible for as long as you have weavix™.


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The Insight and Capabilities to Protect your Workforce

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