WICHITA, Kan. – Today, weavix™ announced a collaboration with Microsoft that expands its capabilities to leverage the newest edge-to-cloud connectivity and platform services from Microsoft. weavix™, a leading software platform for frontline communication and productivity will utilize Microsoft Azure, Azure private MEC and begin exploring the use of Azure Space satcom technologies to deliver its full suite of enterprise vital applications.

“Our Internet of Workers™ [IoW] platform pairs a streamlined collaboration suite with reliable productivity tools and software that’s suitable for the frontline workplace,” said Blake Carlson, Chief Operating Officer at weavix™. “Microsoft’s infrastructure, solutions and integrations provide the ubiquitous connectivity critical in enabling weavix™ to best deliver vital applications to enterprises globally. This collaboration with Microsoft significantly advances our mutual objective of serving a new and historically underserved market – the frontline workforce.”

This effort strategically positions Azure private MEC as the epicenter of private wireless and the Internet of Workers™ platform. Together, these solutions enable low latency, reliable coverage and high-performance connectivity for enterprises to effectively streamline productivity and collaboration on the frontline.

Advanced Connectivity with Azure private MEC and Azure Space

Azure private MEC offers edge platform and private networking options that enable weavix™ to deliver its enterprise-vital solutions. With services ranging from cloud-managed container platform, advanced communications to productivity insights, Azure private MEC supports the Internet of Workers™ platform with enhanced security and dependability. 

“To maintain their competitive advantage enterprises worldwide must grow the productivity and maintain the safety of their frontline workers, often in poorly connected environments,” said Shawn Hakl, VP of Product Management, Azure for Operators. “The breadth of weavix’ s innovative suite of applications combined with the ubiquitous connectivity of Azure private MEC delivers enterprises a frontline communications tool that is easy to procure, deploy and manage. We anticipate weavix’s progressiveness in exploring satcom technologies to deliver an even wider range of connectivity options in disparate work environments will further accelerate their innovations and market positioning as a leading Modern Connected App for Industry 4.0 scenarios in multiple industry verticals.”

weavix™ joined Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program for Azure private MEC to rigorously test its software in a variety of cloud-based and MEC environments and rapidly develop new innovations and features within its platform. The program is designed to empower industry solutions with Azure private MEC to unlock the power of 5G for enterprises. Right now, Microsoft and weavix™ are rapidly testing compatibility to expand connectivity options with Azure Space. This includes satellite communications optimized for scenarios when cloud terrestrial connectivity is limited or unstable, such as in remote or offshore sites.

Azure Space is positioned to revolutionize wireless deployment and satellite-enabled private cellular LTE which, with weavix™ interoperability, would unlock new doors in enterprise-grade connectivity for frontline workers to increase productivity and communicate effectively anytime and anywhere.  

Powered by Microsoft Azure

The data insights, collaboration tools and productivity solutions provided by weavix™ use Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s deep portfolio of tools and cloud storage creates an accessible nesting area for data collected from weavix™. 

“weavix™ leverages Microsoft Azure to provide a suitable environment that powers both the communications stack and data consumption capabilities for our Internet of Workers™ platform,” said Ben Burrus, Chief Product Officer at weavix™. “The cognitive services available make it easy to implement core digital transformation principles to a frontline work environment so these workers can feel empowered, and enterprises can experience higher productivity levels across the board. This collaboration allows weavix™ to take full advantage of these capabilities and more that cloud computing has to offer.” 

Location and communications data from weavix™ can be readily accessed by users and executives through Workforce Diagnostics™. Enterprises have applied the insights gleaned from weavix™ to transform a variety of business functions.

Visit the Microsoft booth at the 2023 Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona to learn more about this collaboration.

About weavix™

weavix™, the Internet of Workers™ platform, revolutionizes frontline communication and productivity on a global scale. Since its founding, weavix™ has shaped the future of work by introducing innovative methods to better connect and empower the frontline workforce, like Enterprise-Vital Push-to-Three (EVPT3) communication. weavix™ transforms enterprise by providing data-driven insights into facilities and teams to maximize productivity and achieve breakthrough results. weavix™ is the single source of truth for both workers and executives. Our mission is to empower workers around the world with disruptive technology. Visit https://weavix.com/ for more information.