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Connecting the Disconnected Workforce

Frontline enablement made easy. Tap into your workforce’s full potential to build stronger communication, belonging, safety and operations on the frontline.

Enabling your Greatest Resource: The Frontline Worker

Representing over 3 billion workers globally, the frontline workforce is the ultimate, and most disenfranchised, resource available. By enabling every worker with smart radios, weavix builds a mass network of connected workers at scale, granting corporations the visibility into their frontline that’s never been possible. Using communication, safety, and data-driven solutions, we elevate your most powerful resource — the frontline workforce.

A Trusted Partner in Frontline Enablement


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Explore the Internet of Workers with the people that have made it happen. Every week, sit down with our leadership team as we discuss weavix, its applications and its benefits for enterprises around the world.

Ep. 1: What is weavix™?

Welcome to The Thread. In our first episode, meet our Founder and CEO, Kevin Turpin, as he gives us insight about where the idea of weavix came from, why it’s important to…

Ep. 2: What is IoW?

The Internet of Workers is the concept of using technology that enables frontline workers to perform more effectively in their work. Join our COO, Blake Carlson, and…

The weavix platform is the premier plug and play solution used to connect workers through communication and data to transform frontline engagement and efficiency at scale.

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of projects missed their goals due to poor communication
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saved annually by reducing miscommunication by 5 mins every hour
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of failed projects contribute the failure to poor communication

Connecting Workers

Keep the people you need within arm’s reach, wherever they work.

Keeping Everyone Safe

A platform designed to enhance safety practices in your workforce digitally.

Creating Visibility on the Frontline

The first solution granting complete data-driven transparency used to drive organizational change.

Reaching Your Full Business Potential

Integrate your key frontline business data into key aspects of your business.

connection leads to Belonging 

weavix Drives Retention at Stella & Chewy’s

Witness the remarkable partnership between weavix and Stella & Chewy’s, where communication excellence mirrors the quality standards of their renowned pet food. Experience the heart of our platform, where when every employee is equipped with a device it fosters real-time frontline communication that ultimately leads to a profound sense of belonging for every team member. 

The Forgotten 80%

Worldwide, 80% of the workforce has been told to “do more with less”. Less technology and fewer people with minimal support from their enterprise. Essentially, they’re being left behind when new innovations hit the workplace. Frontline workers deserve more — they deserve a platform that enables them with cost-effective devices and capabilities that transform them from a disengaged workforce to a connected and accomplished one.

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of global frontline workers feel the technology provided is insufficient for the type of work they do

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The global cost of a disengaged frontline workforce

0 %

increase in frontline productivity when workers have access to more suitable technologies

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Historically, the frontline workforce has consistently been left out of technological innovations. This has led to a strong separation between the field and office, causing safety and operational issues as frontline workers are less engaged in their work.

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weavix® focuses on the unique needs of the frontline workforce. By equipping every worker with the advanced walt® smart radio, we help connect your frontline to empower them to do their best work.

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We’re closing the last mile from field to office. For the first time, frontline workers have access to the same advanced communication capabilities as their office counterparts. We bring every worker into the conversation so everyone can work together better.

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Workers are your most valuable resource. Once they’re all connected, weavix® clears a path to best utilize them to accomplish even the most ambitious business goals. By enabling both the worker and the enterprise, weavix® helps drive lasting organizational change.


The Key to Frontline Enablement:
walt Smart Radio

With walt connecting the frontline and the office, weavix creates a collaborative ecosystem for your entire workforce. Communication, engagement and data acquisition can happen when every frontline worker is equipped with the digital tool tool they want to use – walt Smart Radio.

The Internet of Workers™ Platform

Focusing on People. Not Things.

No, we’re not worried about things on the frontline. weavix is a uniquely designed platform enterprises use to get the most out of their most valuable resource — the frontline workforce. As the Internet of Workers platform, our purpose is to truly connect your workforce in a secure environment that scales alongside your corporation.


Safeguard vital business data and communications, minimizing risk to your organization. weavix applies the highest security standards to keep your information and enterprise safe.


weavix is the preferred platform for private cellular. Make your workforce part of your competitive advantage with faster speeds and complete coverage for less.


Get started with weavix in days or weeks rather than months or years. As your global partner in frontline enablement, we’ve gone the extra mile to simplify your implementation. 


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