The enduring, rugged design retains its Class 1 Div. 2 safety certification, now with a larger display, advanced communication capabilities and instant access to all users within the Internet of Workers™ platform.

WICHITA, Kan. – weavix™ reiterates its position as a pioneer in innovation for frontline communications today with its announcement for the new model of the walt™ smart radio. As legacy radios continue to underserve the frontline workforce, weavix™ introduces more innovative and specialized features to improve safety, collaboration and productivity.

“We set off to build the best smart radio,” said Kevin Turpin, Founder and CEO. “But also, something more that would keep every worker safe and connected. This design overhaul reinforces our commitment to the worker, but there’s a larger game at play because it’s more than just communication. It’s keeping people safe, on task and providing visibility into workplaces like never before. And it’s all due to our entire Internet of Workers™ platform.”

walt™ smart radio offers enterprise a software-based solution in the form of hardware to fix the disconnect and technological divide between office and frontline workers. The new design maintains its Class 1 Div. 2 safety certification, along with impressive hardware and software updates. With it, weavix™ aims to improve the collaborative experience on the frontline and shape the future of work through a worker-focused lens.

These improvements range from a more durable, rugged form factor to improved front and rear-facing cameras and flashlights to a global directory, connecting every worker using industry-leading collaboration capabilities within the Internet of Workers™ platform.

A CBRS-Enabled, Ruggedly Powerful Smart Radio

Its durable exterior gives walt™ smart radio a sleek, modern finish that thrives in the harshest environments. It’s purpose-built for the frontline, being water, dirt, drop and dust resistant. Workers can comfortably grip it, use its front-panel buttons and display, and its advanced functionality all while wearing gloves.

weavix™ is the chosen software solution to connect workers and enterprises via CBRS and other private wireless networks. The walt™ smart radio pairs seamlessly with any network option, providing affordable, flexible and reliable connectivity for enterprises globally.

Seamless Collaboration throughout the Workforce

walt™ is designed to deliver best-in-class collaboration capabilities to the frontline. It outperforms legacy industrial radios with its range of communication features at the worker’s disposal, not just push-to-talk. With PT3 collaboration, workers can use push-to-talk, picture and video messaging to work together how they want, all at the push of a button.

“This new model shows that we’ve nailed down the hardware,” said Ben Burrus, Chief Product Officer at weavix™, “and the platform that supports and powers it. Our full collaboration suite bridges the gap between deskless and deskbound workers.” 

Man-Down, Targeted and Mass Alerts for Rapid Response

The premise of the walt™ smart radio is to drive productivity by creating a safer, more collaborative workplace. Through instant emergency alerts, a walt™ smart radio can notify response personnel or inform workers of an emergency in their area and what to do next.

When seconds matter, workers need a reliable device to keep them informed in stressful situations and connected to one another to ensure everyone’s safety.

The new walt™ smart radio is deploying out to workplaces across the country at no cost for the device. Through its weCare™, managed service, enterprises enjoy the latest walt™ models, support and infrastructure management without additional fees.

About weavix™

As the Internet of Workers™ platform, weavix™ revolutionizes frontline radio communications to shape the future of work as more collaborative, safe and productive. Founded in 2018, weavix™ continues to lead industrial communication and workforce productivity. 

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